Banbury Host Families

We have been welcoming groups of predominantly European students to the local area for the last fifteen years.

All visiting groups receive a warm welcome on arrival to Banbury by the local organiser to ensure a smooth introduction to their host families. The local organiser is also on hand throughout the stay.

Banbury Host Families pride themselves on the excellent service provided by their warm, friendly and committed hosts. All host families are fully vetted and homes regularly inspected to ensure high standards are maintained.

Students with special requests concerning religion, diet, allergies, etc. can be accommodated. Our personal service also includes a dedicated translator, fluent in multiple languages should the need arise.

Homestay accommodation is a fun and affordable way to stay in Banbury and its charming surrounding villages. Staying with a host is a great way to practise your English and be immersed in British culture.

What our teachers say

Teaching the three groups of French students was quite delightful – they were all quite charming and very cooperative. Although it was a “holiday” for them, they worked very hard and were highly receptive to the work we did with them. I feel they both learnt a great deal and also had great fun.
The whole trip was very well organised by Rebecca and any minor problems were dealt with swiftly and effectively. A very positive experience for everyone.

Julia S
TEFL Teacher

It has been a pleasure teaching the French groups, both those students drawn together from all over France and one whole group from the same school.

For those who have come on what may be called a working holiday, their classes have included plenty of fun, whilst at the same time experiencing the discipline of genuine English language learning, according to their levels of English. Activities have included preparation for the cultural visits planned, pairwork, quizzes, gap-fill exercises, roleplay and mini-theatre in the classroom, all with a particular emphasis on the practice of speaking the English language.

The most difficult skill for the proficient students to master was intonation, the art of articulating the tonal flow of words uttered like a native English speaker, based on the default standard recognised by Oxford University, known as Oxford English or The Queen's English. So we concentrated on improving that, with a view to public speaking and debating.

In so far as I can tell, most of the students enjoyed and benefited from all these courses and I as a teacher deemed it a privilege to play a part.

Philip R
TEFL Teacher